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How to Find a Real Estate Agent?

Planning to buy your first home? Looking to sell your residential or commercial property? To get things done fast and in your favor, you may need the assistance and expertise of a real estate agent with years of experience in local real estate.

No matter, whether you are a first home buyer or an investor, or a downsizer, a Brampton-based real estate agent can help you secure a profitable deal that saves you money on buying a property as well as mortgage interest rates. A client-oriented agent focuses on helping his clients get the most out of their investment by finding a property that exceeds expectations but not budget.

When it comes to selling a property, an experienced realtor can list your property on major platforms, calculate its worth, prepare a contract, and help it sell faster and for the top dollar. Moreover, an agent has knowledge about all government incentives and initiatives a potential buyer or seller can benefit from to end up saving money.

Ways To Find A Real Estate Agent

  • Referrals
  • Advertisements
  • Social media
  • Active listings
  • Online platforms

Things To Keep In Mind Before Finding an Agent

For Buyers: Keep your finances in order and apply for a pre-mortgage approval. Invest in a lower mortgage rate so that you can purchase an expensive home. Also, keep the tax records and other documents handy. This ensures that when you make a bid, your bid is taken seriously by a seller.

For Sellers: Prepare your property by de-cluttering it, doing necessary repairs, and getting it cleaned by a professional cleaner. Get market insights and property valuation services in Brampton to find out what’s the actual worth of your property and how much you should sell it for to a potential home buyer.

Real Estate Agent

5 Mindful Tips To Find A Real Estate Agent In Brampton

 1. Ask For Referrals or Recommendations

One of the most trusted sources for your agent search is asking for referrals or recommendations from those who have recently used the services of a real estate agent or the best realtor in Brampton. You can contact your family, friends, or acquaintances to know their first-hand experience with the agent they chose to end up making the right choice.

2. Advertisements

You may probably have seen banners or brochures or standees around you that advertise the services of a local Brampton real estate agent. If yes, you can contact them or visit them directly and ask for the portfolio of properties they have recently sold and check out their latest listing of properties available for buyers.

In case, you have decided to go for an agent after going through their advertisement, don’t forget to check their online reviews or talk to their previous clients about their experience working with that realtor.

3. Social Media

Nowadays, more and more realtors are promoting their real estate services through social media channels, platforms, sponsored ads, wall posts, and groups. You can follow such groups on Facebook and other leading social channels to check out their offerings, pricing, commission, fees or charges, etc. to decide which one you want to go with.

4. Active Listings

You can check out active listings online, go for an open house inspection and maybe you’ll find a good real estate agent that can be an ideal fit for your property transaction. During home staging or open houses, you’ll often come across several realtors looking for prospective buyers and sellers just like you.

5. Online Platforms

There are several online platforms where you can add your location and find real estate agents working just around you. Local realtors have better knowledge and access to properties on sale or open houses to help you make the right choice.

What To Consider When Choosing An Agent?

1. Years of Experience

Talent comes with experience and when it comes to real estate, experience matters a lot. An expert real estate agent knows where to search for a property that matches your vision without exceeding the budget. More the experience, the safer it is to choose and work with the agent.

2. Commission

Opt for a realtor asking for the lowest commission. If you are planning to buy a property and being charged a commission, look for other options around you as buyers don’t directly need to pay real estate commissions. In case you are selling, you will need to pay for commission based on the selling price of your home.

3. Marketing Skills

A real estate agent with good marketing skills can readily attract more buyers, sellers, and obviously listings. Check out the current listings of an agent to find how impressive they are in their profession and whether they can attract buyers or not.


So, these are some of the tips and tactics you can follow to choose the best real estate agent in Brampton who can work for your benefit. If you are still hesitant about choosing a realtor or worried about making a wrong choice, talk to Harpreet Rakhra, an experienced and award-winning real estate agent in Brampton, who can assist you in buying or selling a property at the best price.

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